Meet Our Agents

Jason Paxton

Jason is a finance professional with over 15 years of banking and customer service experience. His passion for putting the customer first was first born while he worked in the restaurant industry during his undergraduate studies at The University of Texas El Paso. While he was busy obtaining his bachelor’s degree in finance, he was also busy honing his skills at running a business by working his way up from the bottom position to General Manager of a large pizza franchise store on El Paso’s busy West Side.

Not long after completing his undergraduate studies, Jason began further honing his personal service skills at a local El Paso credit union by meeting face to face with its members in order to help them with their personal banking needs. He eventually transitioned into commercial banking, learning to interpret strengths and opportunities for improvement within local companies and their respective industries.

In 2011 Jason began his MBA career, and it so happened that this is where he met his now-fellow agent Cody Wells.Through many group projects and collaborative efforts, Jason was able to demonstrate his propensity for teamwork,integrity, and leadership. He believes that these traits are what led Cody to offer Jason a place at Insurance Services of the Southwest. Knowing the character of Cody and Tom, Jason gladly accepted.

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